Pond’s White Beauty Pinkish-White Glow Lightening Compact Powder

Got this one on an impulse. It was on the checkout lane at the supermarket, and at that time I was fretting about my LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder, so I grabbed this one. It’s in shade #2, Rosy Beige.


I thought it would come in a pretty pink packaging like the other products in the White Beauty line, but it’s only in a simple white, slim compact.


I was terribly disappointed to find that it had no mirror. It costs P152 and has no mirror?! There are less expensive pressed powder brands, but all of them have mirrors! Even my new vanity kit has a mirror!


The sponge that comes with it is thin and flimsy. I’d give it about a week of regular use on the face and neck before it starts falling apart. The powder itself is a shade match; blends well into my skin without being too light or too dark. However, it has a strong, artificial sweet scent similar to that of commercial shampoos. I bet this would turn off a lot of people as it is not subtle at all. Also, it’s hard to pick up the powder using either a powder brush or the sponge that came with it.

It mattifies liquid or cream foundation, and staying power is okay; it stayed for about five hours on my face on a cool day. Not good at controlling oil (but then again, most powders are no match for my oily skin), but you will find the powder intact when you blot away the oil.

I wouldn’t buy this again, nor will I recommend this to anyone. It’s an average pressed powder; there are better/less expensive powders out there. It has a strong smell that lingers for a while, which may annoy others or even aggravate allergies. And the absence of a mirror really is a deal breaker, especially for someone like me who has myopia; I need to peer closely into a mirror to check for mistakes when I retouch.


8 comments on “Pond’s White Beauty Pinkish-White Glow Lightening Compact Powder

  1. noona says:

    hello nice review where can i dound this one in ksa i like it love ponds products

    • Aviva says:

      Hello, Noona! Unfortunately, I haven’t been to KSA. However, Pond’s products can be found outside the Philippines, so you might have some luck finding this one in the beauty section of the department store or even the supermarket. Ask the salespeople for help! 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    I hope I searched for a review about this product first before buying it. I as well was very disappointed when I opened the compact only to find out that it has no mirror!

  3. Lie Ann says:

    Ive been having hard times and a very long time looking for this powder, ive never seen this compact powder at any stores here in catbalogan city and tacloban city..ive been using this product since i was 18y/o, now im 27, it was 3yrs from now since i havent seen this and i really am missing this product a lot, i thought its already out of the market..i must admit that this compact powder is a little bit hassle to use because it has no mirror, but among all the pressed powder ive tried, ive been so much inlove with this Ponds compact powder because it always makes my face fresh and smooth..hope i could still have one this month before my graduation day.. 😦

    • Aviva says:

      I think this product has been phased out because I haven’t seen it in a long time. There are lots of pressed powders out there, so don’t fret!

  4. Dawn says:

    Hi! When I was young my aunt bought me a pond’s pressed powder but Im not sure how long or how old I was that time, maybe 5-6 years ago? Im not quite sure but this is really not suitable for professional makeup use. I think this powder is only recommended for kids or pre-teens which is perfect when they are in school. Also, it’s hard to find this product but mostly its either on supermarkets or drug stores. I hope this comment is useful 😊


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