Aido Classic Lipsticks

These lipsticks retail for just P50 (a little over $1), so these are perfect for a budget lipstick lover like me. I can actually pick a new shade everytime I go out and not feel guilty about it.

Aido Classic Lipsticks

Aido Classic Lipsticks are one of those cheap lipsticks that don’t retract fully into their tubes, so nicks are inevitable. As you can see below, they are named with single letters, so it’s kinda hard to remember which shade is which.

Shade names

I currently have three shades in my collection: J, L, and P. This is how they look when swatched on my arm:

Arm swatches

L-R: J, L, P

The following pictures show how they look on my lips. I applied a thin layer of concealer before applying each of these lipsticks to show you their true colors. Also, keep in mind that all these shades look more vibrant in person; the camera diluted their beauty.

J is a deep red. It’s a rich, beautiful red that’s not look-at-me loud, perfect for when you want to wear red lipstick but also want to project a serious aura.

Shade J on lips

Shade J

L is a pinkish red with a blue undertone. It’s a fun, bright, flirty red.

Shade L on lips

Shade L

I initially thought P was a reddish coral, but it’s actually a pinkish coral with subtle gold shimmer. It looks reddish on my pigmented lips. This is my favorite shade because it’s such a bright, perky, happy color on the lips, and goes well with coral blush for that warm, friendly look. I guess I can wear it alone if I want a deeper color and I can wear it over concealer for a more pinkish hue.

Shade P on lips

Shade P

These lipsticks are waxy, so they’re quite sheer on first application, almost as if they are reluctant to impart color on the lips. Application gets easier and color becomes richer the more layers are added, though. The reason I don’t use these often despite the lovely colors is that their waxiness annoys me. The pigment simply won’t adhere to moist areas of the lips, resulting in an uneven application. But now that I’ve learned the concealer technique, which makes application easier and keeps the lipstick from bleeding, maybe I’d wear these lipsticks more often.

Staying power is just average; it comes off after eating (though it leaves some stain behind) like most regular lipsticks. For rich colors such as the ones I’ve got, I advise applying this in layers: apply one layer, blot with tissue, then apply another layer. The color fades a bit in a couple of hours, so applying in layers would ensure that the color looks even. Unevenly fading lipstick just looks silly, almost as if you didn’t look in the mirror before heading out.

I’d recommend this to people who just can’t help but buy lipstick but don’t want to break the bank. You can have ten different lipsticks for only P500! For people who aren’t lipstick addicts, invest on lipsticks with a better formula.


2 comments on “Aido Classic Lipsticks

  1. […] Best Pout Forward, which was touted to be an “intense red”, disappointingly isn’t red at all; it’s coral. It appeared orange in the photo so I had to do a lot of color correction. I think that like Human Nature, Bare Naturals doesn’t use carmine, a red dye derived from boiling certain insects; therefore, it doesn’t have a true red shade too. Well, the good thing is this would go well with my Careline Fresh Tomato blush, or it could serve as a base for my favorite pinkish coral Aido lipstick. […]

  2. like these too:) i have 2 aido lipsticks – a red one and gold-ish one must go back to my stash


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