Human Nature All-Natural Deodorant

I wrote about my first impressions of this product on the first of July, and this is an update.

Human Nature All-Natural Deodorant

Visit Human Nature at and choose either the Filipino or US site to see the prices and product listings. The deodorant has two variants, the sunflower one (pink cap), which I got, and the aloe vera one (green cap). They are virtually the same, except that the aloe vera variant contains aloe extracts. I got the sunflower variant simply because I like pink better than green.

I found from one of the reviewers of the product on the Filipino site that this works best in conjunction with an antibacterial soap like Safeguard. It doesn’t work well with Dove soap; Safeguard is much better at killing bacteria and perhaps even preventing bacterial growth. I apply this twice a day and make sure to blend the product into my skin when it’s half-dry; otherwise, it’ll leave white streaks. Unlike commercial roll-ons, this takes about five minutes to completely dry, but that’s not a hassle for me because the time it takes to dry is the time I take to moisturize my entire body. It dries to a powdery finish and has a pleasantly sweet but subtle smell. It takes care of my pits by leaving them soft and smooth. For those who have underarm discoloration, good news! This product has gotten a lot of positive testimonials regarding its lightening properties.

Like I said on my first-impressions post, though, I only use this at home. I still rely on Dove deodorant when I go out. Human Nature deodorant is not powerful enough to prevent odor that comes with increased perspiration due to the hot sun. I’d recommend this deodorant for twice-daily use to people who stay at home and to those who spend most of their time sitting in an airconditioned room. As for those who move around more, you can use this deodorant at night–after washing your underarms, of course. This will give your pits a much-needed relief from the oppression of aluminum salts and alcohol and will keep them soft and nice to the touch.



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