Nichido Juicy Lips

An affordable lipstick that fully retracts into its tube (most affordable lipsticks don’t!) and is of decent quality–this is Nichido Juicy Lips!

Nichido Juicy Lips

Nichido Juicy Lips retails for just P88 ($2.10), but is of fairly good quality. I don’t know exactly how many shades this line carries, but many of the colors I’ve seen are in the pink range. I got Raspberry Float some time ago, while I acquired Berry Freeze recently. I’m happy to have gotten very different colors. This is how they look swatched on my arm:

Nichido Juicy Lips swatched on arm

L-R: Raspberry Float, Berry Freeze

Raspberry Float is a peachy pink shade (so its name is inaccurate) while Berry Freeze is a deep berry/sheer plum shade. Both are very pretty colors. I stopped using Raspberry Float for a while back because I thought it was quite orange, but I tried it again recently and, I don’t know, this time it looked peachy pink to me. This is under the same lighting, mind you. I’m therefore using it again. As for Berry Freeze, I’m glad I bought it because I don’t have anything like it in my collection. I have a lot of pinks, nudes, and reds, but no plum-ish colors. Berry Freeze is truly lovely! It’s deep but not in a way that makes you look old.

This is how they look on my pigmented lips. Take note, my lips are pigmented, but they’re not dark. Rather, they’re quite rosy, so I find that the lipsticks I buy always look different on my lips compared to how they look in the tube.

Raspberry Float on lips

Raspberry Float on lips

Berry Freeze on lips

Berry Freeze on lips

In person, Raspberry Freeze is more peach while Berry Freeze is a bit darker and deeper.

True to their name, these lipsticks will indeed make your lips look juicy. They are pigmented, as you can see from the arm swatches, but their finish is sheer. They are completely shimmer-free, so you can go for the no-lipstick look as long as you apply this with a light hand. They’re creamy so they glide on smoothly, but the color can be quite streaky (especially when you put on several layers), so I find I have to blend the lipstick with a finger. This is not a problem for me, though; I am used to blending lipsticks with a finger for a smoother, more even look. Staying power is nice; it lasted on my lips for about three hours without fading, but then I wiped it off (I like retouching my lipstick), so I have no idea how long it really lasts. Color and shine were still very much intact before removal, though, so this lipstick looks promising.

I recommend this to everyone, especially those who dislike spending on lipstick, like me. The only problem with this is that if you have more than one in your bag, you’ll have to look at the shade name or take off the cap to find the shade you want, because every tube looks exactly the same.

4 comments on “Nichido Juicy Lips

  1. wow!love this!i have the raspberry float but haven’t really been using am inspired to. me also want to try berry freeze & other colors from nichido 🙂

    mej of

  2. Haha! I have the EXACT same shades. But I think raspberry float changed colors? It doesn’t look like that…well mine doesn’t look like that. It’s more of a berry pink. Weird.


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