Haul: Nichido, Finess, Watsons, and Ever Bilena

I really should avoid going out because I always feel an urge to buy something for myself. It’s just that I don’t go out as much as I used to, so whenever I have to go out for an errand, I formulate a list of “must-buy” stuff beforehand. Er.

July 10 Haul

L-R: Finess Oil Control Sheets, Nichido Juicy Lips lipstick in Berry Freeze, Ever Bilena Advance HD Colorless Mascara, Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Tape

So how do Finess Oil Control sheets compare to Clean and Clear Oil Control Film? Watch out for a review. (EDIT: Click here for the review.)

know I said I wouldn’t buy any more lipsticks for the meantime, but I couldn’t help myself! Anyway, Nichido Juicy Lips only costs P88 ($2.10), so it didn’t dent my pocket too much. I’ll be reviewing this along with the other tube of Juicy Lips I have.

Ever Bilena HD Advance Colorless Mascara is just your basic clear mascara, non-waterproof. It was the only clear mascara available in the supermarket, but that’s fine because I like its pyramidal tube design and its P100 ($2.39) price tag. I got this because I’m really quite tired of having to smooth my eyebrows back into place all the time. Also, I read from mybeautybunny.com that clear mascara helps lashes hold their curl. Click the link for the full article, or in a nutshell: apply clear mascara to dry lashes, wait for it to dry completely, then curl your lashes. The clear mascara is supposed to work on lashes the way styling gel works on hair. Gonna try it tomorrow!

I have never tried nose strips before so I’m curious about what they can do for me. I read from The Beauty Junkee and one of her commenters that Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Tapes are effective. They’re pretty inexpensive too: P109 ($2.61) for a pack of ten.

More self-control, more self-control! I don’t want to turn into a shopaholic. Happiness should come from the inside, not from shiny new things.


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