LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder

My only pressed powder is Etude House Peach Skin Pact, a translucent, shimmery powder. I wanted to get a tinted, matte powder, so I picked up an LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder compact.

LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder1

LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder2

That particular LA Colors counter I visited only carried four of what I discovered later to be fifteen shades: Soft Honey, Natural Beige, True Beige, and Classic Tan. Soft Honey was the lightest shade, so I got that instead of Natural Beige, which was what the sales assistant recommended. It was quite funny because Soft Honey had stronger yellow undertones that fit my skin tone better, but she insisted on Natural Beige, which was more pink.

As you can see from the back of the compact, this is an American brand but the product was made in China like the LA Colors lipstick I reviewed previously.

The compact comes simply as it is; no box, no cover whatsoever, just a seal. It has a flimsy and kinda silly design, as you can see below:

LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder3

The mirror is underneath the powder, which renders it pretty useless. Why didn’t they just make a traditional compact? The traditional design is sturdier, and it’s easier to retouch anywhere because the mirror is placed right above the powder.

The sponge that comes with the compact is nice and soft, and, according to one beauty blogger, doesn’t crumble. However, it’s too thin. Besides, I don’t use sponges to apply powder; with a brush, it’s easier to apply powder and control the amount you use.

The powder itself has a light, somewhat creamy texture. It doesn’t just sit on your skin, it blends into it. Oil control is so-so; but then again, every powder I tried could not hide my skin’s oily nature. However, after blotting away the oil, I find that the powder stays. On naked skin, this does not cover blemishes, but it does make my skin look smoother. This makes a good setting powder for liquid or cream foundation because of its staying power.

With all that being said, I don’t find myself reaching for this as often as I should. It’s not the right shade! I realized just a few months ago that my skin is fairer than I thought it was, so since then, every time I had to buy foundation or powder, I had to make a conscious decision to choose a shade lighter than what I intuitively think is the right shade for me. This time, though, the extremely limited shade selection prevented me from doing this, with the result that every time I use this powder (and I don’t use too much, mind you), my face looks a tad bit tanned and way off my natural skin tone. If the “floating white face” caused by too light a foundation shade is cringe-worthy, well, so is the “shadowy face”. It just looks…wrong.

So I’m regretting the P249 ($5.95) I spent on this. What use do I have for a good powder if the shade is off? But I can’t just throw this away. I’ll try again, apply it with a lighter hand, see what would work. If I can’t make it work, I guess I’ll just give it to my younger sister, whose skin tone is better suited for this shade.

I recommend this to people whose skin tones are on the medium-dark side. Actually, if you look at the full range of shades, you’d see that this line was made for people who have tanned to dark skin. I think only the first three shades are suitable for fair-skinned people.

The search is still on for my go-to face powder!

UPDATE: This is actually okay. I just have to avoid piling it on.


4 comments on “LA Colors Mineral Pressed Powder

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  2. Hi, i think this would work if u use bb cream underneath then u just dust this on your face.

  3. This would work if u put bb cream undrneath to subtle the white cast of bb creams


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