Haul: LA Colors, Snoe, Swish Miss, Fibrella

I had another great time yesterday roaming through the mall. I really must stop spending so much next time. Haha! These are what I got for myself:

July 6 haul

First off, I visited Landmark Trinoma in search of a Snoe stall. I was pleasantly surprised to find an LA Colors stall too since I was meaning to buy something from them.

I also got myself a new Fibrella umbrella. My old one from two years ago is still functional, except that the handle falls off so you have to reattach it every time you have to use the umbrella. I encourage everyone to buy Fibrella umbrellas because at P400 ($9.59), they’re less expensive in the long run compared to P150 ($3.60) umbrellas that are only good for a few months. Fibrella umbrellas last more than two years, and you can get them fixed at their service center in Recto if something breaks. I think the secret to Fibrella umbrellas’ resilience is the plastic-reinforced skeleton. Because of the reinforcements, the skeleton doesn’t easily bend or break. A tip: buy Fibrella umbrellas with non-velcro flaps, because velcro flaps become unusable after about three months.

Lastly, I got a new white and pink leatherette wallet from Swish Miss at the children’s section. It’s cute, isn’t it? I don’t like the serious, grown-up designs of the wallets at the ladies’ section; they’re kinda boring. This Swish Miss wallet has a lot of card pockets, but you can’t really stuff too much bills, receipts, and coins in it because its storage capacity is small. Kinda weird considering how fat it is.

Here are more detailed reviews/first impressions of the beauty products:

1. LA Colors Lipstick in Petal

LA Colors Lipstick1

LA Colors Lipstick2

LA Colors is an American brand, but this particular lipstick was manufactured in China. According to the information printed on the tube, this has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, but there is no ingredients list. This sells for p99 ($2.37), so it’s one of the least inexpensive lipsticks in the department store. I wonder why cheap lipsticks (this, NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear, Aido Classic Lipsticks, etc) always protrude from their packaging? I mean, manufacturers can keep the lipstick cheap while improving the design so that the lipstick doesn’t get nicks from the cap.

I got this particular shade because it looked pink in the department store lights. When I swatched it on my arm, I thought it was a dupe of the only cool-toned, frosted pink lipstick I use, New York Colors Ultra Moist Lipwear in Violet Shine. But look, they’re not the same:

They’re far from similar. Petal is a pinkish nude while Violet Shine is a cool-toned pink. Here’s how they look when swatched:

L-R: Petal, Violet Shine

I don’t really like nude colors, so you can just imagine my disappointment. On my pigmented lips, however, these lipsticks look rather similar. They both add a hint of color and shine. Well, I suppose I can use Petal.

Frosted lipsticks must always be applied with a light hand; otherwise, your lips will look like shimmer bombs. I find the need to spread the lipstick with a finger after applying it because it is a bit too creamy.

2. LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polish in Magnetic Force

LA Colors Polish1

LA Colors Polish2

Oh, I fell in love with this polish the moment I laid eyes on it. It is such a gorgeous pinkish coral with gold shimmer, the exact same color as my favorite Aido lipstick. The lipstick is much redder, but the polish is still as gorgeous. This has hardeners, but thankfully it is free from the big 3 of nail polish: toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate. These have been linked to cancer and reproductive health problems. Well, everything is linked to cancer these days, but I think it’s better to steer clear of products that pose a risk of harm. And I try to stay away from toluene because I have experienced its unpleasant effects firsthand: lightheadedness and nausea.

At P89 ($2.13) for 13mL of product, this is definitely inexpensive. It has a light,  easily spreadable texture, but it’s pigmented; one coat would suffice, actually. It is also non-streaky and does not seem to be prone to bubbling; I accidentally layered a thick coat on one of my nails, but it still dried smooth and bubble-free. It also seems to dry fast; after 20 minutes, my nails were smooth and completely dry. Other polishes are still a tiny bit sticky after 20 minutes.

I will post an update in two weeks: does it stain the nails even with a base coat? How long before it chips?

3. Snoe Handy Candy Lip Color

Snoe Handy Candy1

Snoe Handy Candy2

L-R: Bubblegum (fuchsia), Strawberry Shake (red), Milk Chocolate (reddish coral)

Looks like a little girl’s lip balm set, doesn’t it? They’re actually lip stains. I was disappointed because they aren’t as pigmented as I was led to believe. Look this up in various beauty blogs and you’ll see that the colors really show up on their lips, and they all say the colors are very pigmented. Maybe it has something to do with the lighting, their camera, and their natural lip color. My lips are naturally reddish, so perhaps that’s the reason the colors don’t show up as much.

With that being said, I still love these. They smell like milk chocolate (although they don’t have a taste) and they make my lips look kissable and naturally rosy. My pigmented lips look redder, but I look like I’m wearing nothing on my lips at all. And the colors last for hours. I put this on last night and when I got up ten hours later, my lips were still rosy. Amazing! The colors only budge when you eat. At P159 ($3.81), these are a steal. The formula isn’t moisturizing, though, so I advise applying some lip balm over or under these lip stains.

This is packaged as a key chain (thus, “handy lip color”), and you can actually use it as such if you wish; the cover doesn’t easily flip open.

No more lipsticks for me in the meantime! Gotta use up all I have at the moment. And I really must spend more on food next time. I can’t eat all these beauty products, after all.


5 comments on “Haul: LA Colors, Snoe, Swish Miss, Fibrella

  1. how fun! can’t wait to see the polish on you!

    • Aviva says:

      Hey there! The color actually looks the same on the nails as in the bottle. It’s an orange that is vibrant and sunny, though not in a crazy, look-at-me way.

  2. […] As you can see from the back of the compact, this is an American brand but the product was made in China like the LA Colors lipstick I reviewed previously. […]

  3. […] wrote a post containing my first impressions of this nail polish about a month ago, July 7 to be exact. That was […]

  4. Aviva says:

    I lost my Fibrella umbrella today…T___T I considered it new, although looking back at this blog post made me realize I’ve actually had it for more than 8 months! I bought the exact same design and model today, though.


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