Haul: Etude House, Department Store, Human Nature, Shy Shop

After a stressful week of work, I promised myself retail therapy as a reprieve from all those sleepless nights and foodless days. The best thing about being a bargain-hunting girl is that I get the biggest bang for my buck.


1. Etude House Happy Tea Time Peach Tea Cleansing Foam

Since I’m almost out of facial cleanser, it was a good time to get another tube. Luckily, I’m oily-skinned so I get to try this. Anyone who does not have an oily skin type should steer clear of facial foams. This foam has four variants: Peach Tea, Milk Tea, Green Tea, and Lemon Tea. I got Peach Tea because it smelled like my Etude House Peach Skin Pact; it smelled like candy. I was surprised at how big the tube was. I thought it was the same size as Pond’s Smooth Pores Pore Tightening Facial Foam, but it turned out to be as big as a regular-sized tube of St. Ives apricot scrub. At P148 ($3.53) for 150mL, it’s definitely affordable. As you may already know, you only need a small amount of facial foam for each wash, so this tube will last half a year, perhaps. Performance-wise, it was less drying  than the abovementioned Pond’s facial foam, and it was better at removing eye makeup. I remove my eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow color with coconut oil then finish up with Pond’s, but sometimes dark streaks remain. Peach Tea completely removed all these with no coconut oil beforehand. Amazing. The candy smell is pleasant but not overpowering. Some of it will linger for a while after rinsing.

2. Clean and Clear Oil Control Film (Grapefruit Variant)

Back in my early college days, my face was an oil slick so oil control sheets were a necessity. Ah, those old oily days…I remember saturating sheets with so much facial oil, it was embarrassing. I stopped using them when I got older and my oil glands became less reactive. I’m using them again now because I just realized it’s icky to pile powder on an oily face. It gets cakey, too.

I was outraged at the P124 ($2.96) price tag, but what the heck, might as well indulge myself in expensive blotting sheets once in a while. This smells good, but it may be overpowering for some people. I put it in my makeup bag and my brushes started smelling like grapefruit. Performance-wise, it’s great at absorbing excess oil without lifting away makeup. However, I was actually quite disappointed to find little oil on my used film. It is a good thing, of course, that I’m not so oily now, but it seems like a waste of expensive blotting film. Next time I’ll purchase the regular blue variant. It’s less expensive by just P7, but it contains 10 more sheets.

3. Nichido True Colors Powder Blush in Passionate Red

I searched the department store high and low for a pinkish-brown blush. I found it in Ever Bilena’s Cheek Blush in CheekFashion 21’s Single Blush-On in #1 and Shawill, but all of them were glitter bombs. Ugh. Why are so many blushes loaded with shimmer? We don’t glitter when we blush, do we? Anyway, I got a pot of matte blush from Nichido instead. It’s called Passionate Red, but as you can see, it’s peach. It’s a great find at P88 ($2.10)–the texture is rather chalky, but it’s pigmented. I am not used to pigmented blushes so I was surprised when I put this on my face. I immediately rubbed most of it off. This is how it looks on my skin:

Nichido Passionate Red Blush

Those bits of glitter are from my brush and not from the blush, which, as I said, is matte. Blended, it imparts a subtle and pretty pop of peach on my cheeks. It goes very well with nude lips for that au naturel glow.

I’d like to recommend Nichido blushes to everyone for their affordable price and matte finish, but the True Colors line has pastel colors that would show up only on fair skin.

I don’t think I’d be purchasing blush again. Since they are supposed to be used sparingly, I have pans of blush that have been with me for more than a couple of years but whose surfaces have barely been grazed. Gotta finish all of them up first!

4. Human Nature All-Natural Deodorant in Sunflower

I visited Human Nature’s flagship store at Commonwealth, and it was a great experience as I got to see, try, and smell a lot of their products in a quiet, softly lighted environment. Definitely better than online shopping.

My good old Dove deodorant is excellent at protecting my underarms from sweat and odor, but it leaves them dry. Therefore, because I rarely go out, I decided to use virgin coconut oil on my underarms. It leaves them softer and smoother. So why did I get a bottle of Human Nature deodorant? Well, for one, it’s easier to use a roll-on than to spread virgin coconut oil on my pits. Also, this deodorant is a cocktail of softening and odor-fighting ingredients: it contains my beloved VCO and more. Like VCO, I apply this twice a day. While my Dove roll-on dries in seconds, this takes at least 5 minutes to dry. It also leaves white streaks, so I make sure to blend it on my skin before it dries completely. It has a mild and pleasant fragrance similar to the lotion I’ll be reviewing next.

I’d recommend this (or virgin coconut oil) for home use. I’m not a sweaty person, but I still find that good ol’ Dove works best when I’m going out. If you go out on a regular basis, it would be good to use Human Nature deo at night, after a quick shower, just to keep your pits moisturized.

5. Human Nature Passionfruit Hydrating Lotion in Moonlight Passion

I don’t use lotion anymore, but I don’t lug around a bottle of VCO either. So after checking this out, I decided to get a small bottle so I could keep my hands moisturized when I’m out of the house. It has a lovely, sweet fragrance, a bit like candy. It also has a light, slightly runny texture; it doesn’t make my hands sticky. Instead, it keeps them soft and silky smooth. Best of all, it’s 100% natural so I don’t have to worry about it aggravating my eczema.

6. Human Nature Natural Feminine Wash

I haven’t experienced irritation with commercial feminine washes, or if I have, I haven’t noticed it. Human Nature’s feminine wash seems to be a better alternative because it’s priced the same as its commercial counterparts and it’s all-natural, so I suppose there’s less risk of developing irritation, unless of course you’re allergic to one of its ingredients. However, based on the rave reviews this product has received, this relieves the itching and dryness caused by commercial feminine washes. The natural vs commercial argument notwithstanding, it gives me peace of mind knowing that I’m using a natural product on a sensitive area. Performance-wise, it gives a thorough cleansing unlike other commercial products.

7. Human Nature 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Orchid

I’ve done a review on this previously, but I would like to post an update. I’ve mentioned that it’s not the best in the moisturizing department. However, after ditching my petrolatum-containing balms and using Human Nature balm on a regular basis, I discovered that this was not the case. Human Nature’s balms work just as well in moisturizing.

Pink Orchid shows up as a subtle milky pink on my lips. I wish I’d gotten the regular Tutti Frutti balm instead; it is as subtle as Pink Orchid, but it has a nice fruity scent that Pink Orchid doesn’t have.

8. Excel Paris Matte Lip Creams

I purchased two more shades from Shy Shop, and I got the orange one as a freebie. Here’s what they all look like on the lips:

Red (shade #506)

Red (506)

Ah, this is the loveliest of them all! It has shimmer, but it’s still matte; the fine, subtle shimmer serves to add dimension to the color. I can finally have an easier time applying red on my lips! Shade #506 is a cool red that will suit many skin tones.

Hot pink (shade #507)

Hot pink (507)

This and the next one are completely matte, as you can see from the picture. Shade #507 still has blue undertones, but it’s not as hideous as its sister #509, which makes me look older. This is a very bright, shocking, Lady Gaga type of look-at-me pink, perfect for those days when you don’t want to blend in with the crowd.

Orange (shade #512)

Orange (512)

Shade #512 is literally orange. Most orange lipsticks blend with your lip color, but since Excel Paris Matte Lip Creams completely disguise your lip color, the shades show up as they really are. Like shade #507, this is a Lady Gaga, look-at-me type of color.

When wearing Excel Paris Matte Lip Creams, it’s best to moisturize your lips beforehand, after which you completely remove all traces of balm so that the lip cream dries matte and, well, dry, instead of drying sticky like glue, which is the case when you apply balm/gloss underneath or over it.

I don’t know when and where I’ll be able to wear hot pink and orange, but the red is absolutely lovely!

9. Couple keychain

Another purchase from Shy Shop. This also comes in a necklace, cellphone chain, and bracelet. The shop has tons of other designs to choose from if you and your partner are into these kinds of things. Cute, isn’t it? I love it!

My Shy Shop package came with a note:

Shy Shop note

It’s nice to see that Shy Shop now has its own stickers, tags, and notepads. It adds a professional touch to their business.

Besides all these, I also got a knit red beret for only P150 ($3.58). What a great deal! Such berets are sold for around P250 ($5.96) at online stores and P500 ($11.92) at physical stores. I even saw an accessories store sell it for thousands of pesos! Outrageous!

I’m going back to that knit goods stall to get more berets in different colors. Maybe they take color requests; after all, I requested for a red beret months ago and I got one.

Opening my bag and seeing lots of shiny new things is possibly one of the best stress busters ever. I’m now ready for another week of work!

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