Making Lipstick Application Neater

I love how red lipstick makes me more confident. It’s such a beautiful and attention-drawing color on the lips.

Red lipstick

Gemma Ward, my favorite model, sporting bright red lips. Source

It can, however, be such a pain to apply, even with a lip brush. The beauty of red lipstick, aside from picking the perfect shade for your skin tone, lies in the precision of your application. With a lot of lipsticks, you can just swipe and go. Not with red lipstick, though. It demands your time.

Lip liners are pretty handy for outlining and filling in the lips, making red lipstick look neater. Furthermore, it keeps the color from bleeding.

Nude lip liners are the best because they can go with any shade of lip stick. And if in case you are too lazy to fill in the entirety of your lips, you won’t be left with horrible darkly-outlined lips once your lipstick fades.

However, I find it tedious to fill in my lips with liner. Also, I couldn’t find a nude lip liner; all I can see in stores are reds. I therefore thought of a new way to make the application of red lipstick neater and easier.

And this is what I found: concealer sticks do the job well.

Concealer sticks have a creamy yet dry texture, making them the perfect base for lipstick. They’re spreadable but dry enough not to mix with your lipstick. Be careful not to apply too much, though, or your lipstick will be diluted to a milky shade. On my full lips, one swipe on the bottom lip, then spread to the upper lip, is enough. They work similarly to lip liners in that they help define your lips and keep your lipstick from bleeding.

One of advantage of using concealer sticks, especially if you already have one in your kit, is that you don’t need to buy another product anymore–you can use your concealer to address a variety of needs. Also, concealer hides your natural lip color, so the true shade of your lipstick shows up better. Lipsticks go on differently for everyone depending on their natural lip color, but with concealer, the color you see on your lips will be closer to what the lipstick looks like in the tube.


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