Shy Shop and Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream

Yesterday, I received my orders from Shy Shop, an online store that’s been providing customers with a wide range of products since 2010. They’re even registered with the Department of Trade and Industry! Try looking for “Shy Shop” here (choose the criteria “begins with”). I came across Shy Shop through another blog, Product Arena. I browsed through their products, and lo and behold! I’ve wanted a pink passport holder for the longest time, and I found one on their shop!

Pink passport holder

I actually ordered it in baby pink, but I received hot pink in the mail. It’s okay, though; I like hot pink too because it’s such a bright and perky color. This is how it looks inside:

Pink passport holder (open)

There’s a pocket up there, sort of like the bills pocket in regular wallets. I inserted a couple of IDs there, snapped the passport holder closed, and shook it up and down. The IDs didn’t slip out. Excellent.

The second product I ordered was a tube of Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream.

Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream

Most of the bloggers who reviewed this product didn’t like it, primarily because it was very tough to remove. Take note that those who said this swatched the product on their arms. I was attracted to the product, however; it’s matte, budge-proof, and waterproof, according to the reviews. I decided to give it a try. I chose 509, which was described as “pinky orange” on their page. I looked for swatches, and it was indeed that: a warm, pretty pink. But a surprise was awaiting me.

Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream 509

As you can see, I did get 509, but instead of a warm pinkish coral shade, I got a cool, blue-toned pink. I hate blue-toned pink lip colors so you can just imagine my disappointment. I was informed by the owner of Shy Shop that Excel Paris Matte Lip Creams have been reformulated. And it looks like the shade selections are different now. This is how it looks on my lips:

Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream 509 swatch

It’s a deeper shade of pink in person; the camera brings out the blue undertones. I don’t think it makes me look sallow; indeed, it even makes my teeth look whiter, but I just don’t like blue-toned pinks.

So how does my experience compare to the experiences of those who reviewed this product? Let’s see.

Extremely tough to remove?

I haven’t tried swatching it on my arm and rubbing it off. Really, the skin on the arm is different from the skin on the lips. So I swatched this on my lips. I put two layers of lip balm underneath the lip cream. I let the cream dry and then wiped my lips with tissue. It came off very easily.

I then put it directly on my lips. It dries quickly, so you have to be careful; mistakes can’t be erased very easily. Anyway, it comes with a doe-foot applicator so it’s easy to define your lips. Once it dries, its texture resembles that of a lip stain. I put some lip balm on top, then wiped my lips again. Harder to remove this time, but it comes off very easily with coconut oil. Same thing with using the product alone: it still comes off easily with coconut oil (or makeup remover, perhaps).

It may be a formulation issue; I have the reformulated version, which may be easier to remove than the previous version.

A little goes a long way

No, it doesn’t. As you can see from my lip swatch, there are a few bare spots on my lower lip. The right amount is a dip for each lip. Get it? Dip the applicator into the tube, don’t wipe the excess off the mouth of the tube, and then apply and blend on lower lip. Repeat for the upper lip.

It looks like paint

No, it doesn’t. It looks like matte lipstick. Or a lip stain. If you put balm underneath or over it, you get a satin finish.

There you have it. Like I said, this may merely be a formulation issue, which would explain why my experience is different.

Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream is waterproof, but it will budge and transfer when it comes in contact with something oily (coconut oil, baby oil, lip balms). Therefore, if you plan on using this for an event that involves eating, it’s best to use it alone.

Overall, I do like the texture and quality of this product, so I will purchase more shades soon. I’m eyeing red; red lipstick is such a pain to reapply as it takes up so much more time. It would be great to have a budge-proof red lip color so I don’t have to worry about fading, smudging, and transfer.

I encourage you to buy at Shy Shop, too! The owner is easy to contact, and transactions are fast. Their products are really affordable, too. I got the passport holder for P140 (roughly $3) and the lip cream for P40 (roughly $1). Their products are resold by other online shops, but the lowest prices come, of course, from Shy Shop.

UPDATE: It comes off when you eat! Aww.

More Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream swatches here.


7 comments on “Shy Shop and Excel Paris Matte Lip Cream

  1. Shy Shop says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for this wonderful blog 🙂 So light to read 🙂 Hope to have more transactions with you sis! ❤

  2. jhyle says:

    where to order or how to order the excel paris lip creams

  3. Jenni says:

    Hi! Nice review! 😉 may i ask kung san mu nbili ung pink passport holder mu? Link pls thankyou! 🙂

    • Aviva says:

      Hello! I bought it from Shy Shop. I linked to their Facebook page in the first sentence of this blog post; just click “Shy Shop” and you’ll be brought to the page. Alternatively, you may search for Shy Shop on Facebook 🙂


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