Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom and Orange Sapphire

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom and Orange Sapphire

Here are a couple of the best body moisturizers I’ve tried: Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion and Orange Sapphire Body Cream. Both are from Bath & Body Works, which is (as far as I’ve heard) known for their divine-smelling products.

These two are no exception. Japanese Cherry Blossom has a heady, musky fragrance, while Orange Sapphire smells of fragrant, albeit soapy, oranges. The scents are actually too heavy for day use, especially in the heat hitting the Philippines right now. They are best used at night, before hitting the sack, as a sort of aromatherapy–imagine falling asleep amidst musk or orange. Or they could be used in lieu of perfume. Their scent, especially that of Orange Sapphire, spreads and lures noses, prompting people to ask what perfume you’re wearing.

In terms of moisturization, yes, they perform really well, especially when you see that they list petrolatum as one of their ingredients. Another reason not to use them in this summer heat–they’re too thick, and the petrolatum won’t allow your skin to breathe.

Why don’t I use them now? Well, I’ve found a much better, all-natural, and inexpensive alternative: coconut oil. Also, I’m trying to avoid petrolatum, except where wound healing is concerned.



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