Long Time No See, Kenny!

After applying for a passport at DFA Aseana, I and my father stopped by Kenny Rogers Roasters for a quick lunch. Kenny Rogers used to be my family’s favorite; we used to have lunch there nearly every Sunday. The food is undoubtedly delicious and affordable, but of course our palates eventually grew weary and we sought other restaurants. I daresay it’s been more than half a year since I’ve stepped foot in Kenny Rogers Roasters.

There have been changes, not the least of which are the prices. I wasn’t sure I heard the cashier correctly when she charged P400+ for a meal for two. Meals at Kenny’s didn’t cost us that much back then. When I put on my glasses, I saw that individual meals now cost around P200!

I ordered my usual American Barbecue, which consists of a slab of grilled chicken fillet, barbecue sauce in a cup, delicious moist Java rice, a corn muffin (yummy, but I don’t care for it), and a side dish of my choice. It cost P195 (P20 more from its original price!) plus P45 for a small glass of iced tea (What! P45!)

Grilled Chicken Fillet: American Barbecue, Rosemary and Thyme

Top: American Barbecue; Bottom: Rosemary and Thyme. Source

Daddy ordered the Low Calorie Meal, which consists of grilled fish, soy sauce in a cup, garlic rice, steamed baby corn+carrots+broccoli (one of my favorite sides), and a bigger glass of iced tea, which was priced the same as my smaller glass. Hmm. All this for P199, P24 more than the original price. It was funny because the waiter served the American Barbecue dish to my father, thinking I was the one who wanted the Low Calorie dish–just because I’m a girl and I look like I’m on a perpetual diet? I’d be offended if I wasn’t so amused.

Kenny Rogers Healthy Meals

Low calorie meal at bottom left. Source

P20 is a sharp increase from the old prices. It hasn’t been that long since I ate at Kenny’s and the dishes taste the same, so I haven’t the slightest idea where this price leap came from.

There were more pleasant surprises, though. Their roast chicken, which we always order when we eat out as a family, has a new twist. Instead of the usual gravy, you get to have three different sauces. The roast chicken is tender, juicy, and goes well with good ol’ gravy, but these new sauces are certainly tempting. I can’t wait to try this!

Kenny Rogers Saucy Roast Chicken

Kenny Rogers Saucy Roast Chicken. Source

Kenny Rogers also has three new side dishes. I’ve tasted all of the regular sides, so I decided to check out eggplant pomodoro from the new line despite its rather unappetizing mushy appearance. Rice+muffin+pasta/sweet potato equals rapid rise in blood sugar, not to mention an unpleasant heavy feeling in your stomach.

Kenny Rogers Roasters new side dishes

Kenny’s three new side dishes. Source

Boy, was the eggplant pomodoro delicious! It consists of chunks of tender eggplant drowned in a tomato-based sauce that tastes like the delicious jar of salsa I recently tried (sweet and perfectly spiced), and topped with some parmesan. According to pomodorosauce.com, pomodoro is “made from tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and fresh basil”. I was confused about the difference between salsa and pomodoro, but it turns out salsa actually means “sauce” in Spanish, while pomodoro is “tomato” in Italian. Salsa di pomodoro, or tomato sauce, is an “Italian classic made with either fresh or canned tomatoes, some onion and garlic, a little basil or oregano”, says svkitchen.com. It would seem that the proper term for the salsa I dip nachos in is “salsa di pomodoro”. I learned something new today!

My father’s suggestions to eat out at Kenny’s used to provoke reactions along the lines of, “Meh.” or “Not again!” But now we have two reasons to go back–saucy roast chicken and three new side dishes. Prices may have leapt up, but they’re still within the reasonable range, especially in light of the fact that I’ve never met a Kenny dish I didn’t like.

Disclaimer: This may look like a big advertisement for Kenny Rogers Roasters, but it isn’t. I wasn’t paid to write this article. Kenny Rogers Roasters probably doesn’t even know I wrote it!


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