Cosplay Faceoff 2011

Cosplay Faceoff, held on February 27, 2011 at SM San Lazaro, is an anime and cosplay event organized primarily by Otaku University and Crux Events Production as well as other affiliate organizations.

It was as I expected a first-time event to be.

Before spectators and cosplayers came rushing in, I could see a lot of people milling around the event area. It was heartening to see that a considerable number of volunteers chose to give their time to ensure the success of their brainchild. Guests were allowed to enter the area around noon, and when most of them were settled in, the event started off with a quiz game in order to break the ice. Spectators whiled the time away watching various other games and intermission numbers. By the time the cosplay catwalk, the most awaited segment of the event, was about to start, population inside and outside the event area reached its peak. Spectators eagerly watched the stage, waiting for cosplayers to show off their garb. Unfortunately, the catwalk commenced more than an hour after the time we expected it to start. Good thing the guests chose to wait it out instead of leaving, for we saw some cosplayers whose attention to the details and accuracy of their costumes was well worth the wait. There was a considerable amount of confusion during the walk itself, though, which took attention away from the main event.

Given the relatively short time Cosplay Faceoff was conceptualized and then put together, a certain amount of disorganization is to be expected. This is comparable to the first steps a baby takes–surely, we can’t expect everything to be perfect. We can expect some satisfaction, though, and that is what I experienced from this event. Unless you were hell-bent on seeing negative, surely you enjoyed Cosplay Faceoff somehow. As far as I’m concerned, the event was a success. Not a big one, but a success nonetheless. With more than 260 paying guests when only 200 was expected, with more than 400 onlookers present, with cosplayers answering our invitations, with SM taking a risk with us, and with no major security issues–what more could we ask for? Our goal was not to organize an earth-shattering, mind-blowing anime convention; our goal was to create a venue where cosplayers and anime enthusiasts could meet each other and have fun…and, maybe, to inspire non-enthusiasts to join our world. And in that light, WE WERE SUCCESSFUL.

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